What is well worth seeing in Sardinia? What attractions are on the Island? Where are the best beaches and which are the most important trips? These are the questions that arise tourists who for the first time decide to visit this corner of Italian paradise. Sardinia, has long been regarded as a homeland for the ?lite and, in fact, is chosen by discerning and sophisticated travelers who, after visiting the island, will come back again with pleasure!

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. The Island does not have many industries. Thanks to this circumstance most of its the territory is remained intact and is in fact occupied by archaeological sites and natural parks, fields, grazing medows, whine gardens and olive and oak groves. In Sardinia you can enjoy beaches of white sand and clear blue sea, with colors ranging from dark blue to emerald green. In addition to its beautiful beaches, the island has some breathtaking landskapes and beautifull wild panoramas. Because of its geographical position, Sardinia has gone trough many different cultures and a long and troubled history shrouded in legends, embodying Sardanas, Fenicians Cartaginensians and Romans, fierce battles, mysterious civilizations, "fairy houses" (Domus de Janas), tombs of the giants, many pirates raids as well as the great Spanish influence. And matriarchy: the island's history has been changed due to strong courageous decisions taken by Sardinian women.

To hear these incredible and fascinating legends one has to rely on the best guides, professionals, able to communicate with you in the same language, who, living since long in Sardinia, know its history, culture and traditions. In our company we work only professionals who love the island.

Whichever part of the island you choose, the Costa Smeralda, which will enchant you with its elegance and luxury, Alghero, with its important history, Cagliari, famous for its beaches and ponds where you can see rare birds that nest there as flamingos pink, or the Island's monuments, witnesses of millenniums of history, or the narrow streets of historic old towns centers, dotted with shops, or the mild climate that allows you to wear light clothing even in the month of November, but you will immediately feel at home. Beautiful beaches, wild and inaccessible mountains, hills covered with greenery overlooking the emerald sea. The island's wild beauty is beyond imagination.

The local cuisine is no less, and covets all those who taste the island's traditional delicacies such as, to mention only a few, culingiones, malloreddos, the roast pork, homemade sausages, snails in a spicy sauce, the famous Sardinian cheeses. All combined with a red wine "Cannonau". Otherwise the wide range of the freshest seafood: mussels, oysters, sea urchins, or lobster Catalana, or John Dory fish in salt whose taste blends with the white wine. And wy not: to close it all a shot of Filu e Ferru or Mirto.

Sardinia can not fail to please. It has everything you need for a good vacation: villas overlooking the sea, exclusive hotels, comfortable apartments and summer residences. Here you can swim in clear sea water and enjoy clean beaches. Here it is possible to rent a boat, visit the Archipelago of Maddalena, and after sailing for a further 12 kilometers reach Corsica, famous for being the birthplace of Napoleon. After returning to Sardinia you can walk in the luxurious center of the Costa Smeralda, or you can go up in the mountains and, guests of the shepherd, enjoy typical Sardinian dishes. One can instead reach Alghero where, after getting off to 654 steps, carved into the rock, you can visit the caves of Neptune. In Alghero you can enjoy visiting the coral laboratories. For families with children there is the opportunity to visit amusement parks and pottery workshops where children can create with their hands small masterpieces.

Moving a little to the south of Alghero you can visit the historic center of Bosa, a medieval royal town, walk in the old city with its narrow, winding, streets between houses brightly colored leaning to each other, which make this city the only one of its kind in Sardinia. In your trip to Sardinia you cannot miss visiting Cagliari, who besides being the Regional capital is also the largest city of the island. Here you can walk the streets of the old quarters, shopping, visiting the medieval churches and admire the Pisan towers of the castle that dominate the city. From certain vantage points you can observe pink flamingos that live in shallow saline ponds of Cagliari. This city is the ideal place for taking a walk and shopping.

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Официальный календарь праздников на Сардинии насчитывает не менее 1000 праздников и торжеств. 

Загадочные круглые сооружения

Что представляют собой загадочные сооружение из каменных мегалитов? Кем они были построены и с какой целью?

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В мире есть всего два места с большим количеством долгожителей...Один из них остров Сардиния!

The ABC of Sardinian cuisine

Bottarga, sea urchins, porcheddu, carasau, seadas, casu martzu....


With Sardinian wedding ring, it is meant the typical ring made of Sardinian filigree used since ancient times by the women of the region.